The discerning person requiring a bespoke product built to a high standard, will find that our products will last for many life-times. We use local, sustainable timbers and pride ourselves in minimising the miles travelled ie 95% of our timber is sourced less than 12 miles from our workshop. The timber is converted and kiln dried on our premises for each individual project. We use English Oak, Elm, Ash, Sycamore and Yew, all of which are readily available here in the Lake District. Products include Cupboards, Tables, Doors, Mirrors and Clocks.

We can also work with Green Oak, to produce Beams, Lintels, Trusses, Green Oak Buildings, heavy Fire Surrounds and the like, allowing the natural drying process to take place in situ.

So, if it is made out of wood - chances are we can make it for you!


For further details or information about other products or commissions please contact us at the above address or enter your query in our Contact page.

The Board Meeting & The Chairman - We still use both of these phrases today and we also use the term Full Board or Half Board when we book our holidays - again this is refers back to the time when the table was a simple planked board.

The Board Meeting - In medieval times the table was a simple planked board which sat on two trestles, it was not fixed down. At the end of the meal the board would be turned over to show the clean face and the scraps would fall to the floor to be cleared up by the animals. The board was then ready for any meeting of the householders - this became known as a board meeting as they sat around the board.

The Chairman - The most important person at the meeting would sit in the only chair the household owned, whilst the others sat around the board on benches. During this period, as joinery (the art of joining two pieces of wood together) was still in its infancy, chairs were extremely expensive and so it was usual for a household to only be able to afford one chair. The head of the household would normally occupy this seat or a very important visitor would be invited to sit in the chair at the board (table).